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Business events are not complete without a host or a hostess. Now, who is a hostess? A hostess is a qualified and professional person who directs guests to their seats during an event. The task of a hostess is to make guests feel at home. The chances of the company gaining new clients increase when people feel warm and welcome. A lively host captivates the crowd and makes them feel like a part of the event.

Qualities of a Hostess

Before hiring a hostess for an event, companies screen potential candidates for commendable qualities needed to lead an event.

• Confidence

The hostess should exude confidence. People respond positively to confidence. If a hostess is intimidated and timid, people will not pay attention and the event will fall apart.

• Fun but professional

The hostess should be able to keep the event flexible and fun. A little pun here and there does not harm. It helps keep the mood light and the audience interested. A delicate balance should be struck between comedy and professionalism to avoid misunderstandings.

• Engaging

It’s the responsibility of a hostess to keep the audience engaged. Asking questions and encouraging the audience to share their experiences and opinions increase engagement and the event’s success.

• Excellent Communication

A flimsy hostess is not welcome. A hostess must communicate with many people. A confused person is not encouraged to lead the event. A well-organized and calm hostess does the job nicely. A hostess should be capable of extensively researching the company’s goals and organizing the event accordingly.

• A People’s Person

A hostess should know how to tackle the audience. Sometimes hostesses must put in extra effort to extract the desired reaction from the audience. An irritable person is not suitable for this task.

• Skillful and Adept

The hostess should be an adept person. If unfortunate circumstances arise, the hostess should not panic. A quick thinker is an excellent option for hosting events.

Types of Hostesses

Different hostesses have different roles. Hostesses represent a company on various fronts and help promote the good name of a company. Some types of hostesses in the business world are as follows.

Chief Hostess

The chief hostess is like a mother hen. If a business event requires more than one host, a chief host leads them and keeps in check their activity and progress.

Image Hostesses

These hostesses are hired to promote a brand’s name. They must have a vibrant nature and good communication skills.

Booth Hostesses

Booth hostesses are responsible for dealing with clients at an exhibition stand or booth. These hostesses should be knowledgeable about the brand’s services or products.

Event Hostesses

Event hostesses are guides. They lead the audience in an event and provide them with information. These hostesses must have confidence and excellent communication skills.

Hospitality Hostesses

At business events and seminars, the audience is provided with drinks and snacks. Hospitality hostesses attend to these guests and serve them. They make sure no misfortune occurs during the event and resolve any problems that the audience might have.

Information Hostesses

These hostesses have extensive knowledge about the brands and their sponsors. They deliver information about the company’s products and services and address public queries.

Hostess of Record

The hostess of record has information about the attendees i.e., their names and contact numbers. They supervise the seating arrangements and issue name tags.

Photography Hostess

Photos are an excellent tool to promote an event or a product. Photography hostesses offer to take photos of the attendees and encourage them to share their experiences on social media..

Importance of Hostess in the Business World

Competition is high and businesses are at war. Every company is struggling to stay on top by using different strategies. Trade fairs and exhibitions have become abundant. These shows come to life when many people from a company come together and work in harmony. Hostesses play a critical role in spreading awareness about the product. A knowledgeable and good-natured hostess increases the chance of getting new customers. Proper training is necessary to become an amicable yet professional hostess. Hostesses are the front faces of a brand, and happy faces attract more audiences. Skilled hostesses oversee all the activity behind the curtain and ensure nothing goes AWOL. The Thought Factory is a Dubai-based event management company. It provides its expertise in event management and HR consulting. The Thought Factory comprises highly qualified event hostesses who go through a long and fool-proof process. The needs of the respective brand or company are regarded while selecting the perfect fit for the campaign.