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Onsite Project Management

Onsite Project Management

Experienced On-Site Project Management: Get the Support You Need for Success

The Thought Factory provides on-site project management services through our highly skilled and experienced Program/Project Managers and coaches. Our team of consultants has a minimum of 23 years of successful project and program management experience across a wide range of projects, including Commercial level projects, research and development, product development, trials, telecommunications, Ecommerce, construction, and process improvement. We offer just-in-time on-site support to help ensure the success of your projects.

We offer a range of on-site Project and Program Management services, including:

Whether your goal is to provide new and valuable industry insight to your stakeholders, facilitate relationship-building among your employees or secure promising talents for your company, we guarantee that our team is working hard to ensure your objectives are met. With our strong background and expertise in corporate event management in Dubai, The Thought Factroty sees to it that your corporate event exceeds your audience’s expectation, while following your budget and adhering to your brand identity.

The team leaders at The Thought Factory possess the necessary expertise to tailor project schedules, allocate tasks, conduct virtual brainstorming sessions, and keep a close eye on critical path progress at all times to ensure uninterrupted advancement. Additionally, they are proficient in creating high-level flow charts of existing processes, analyzing data trends, and using cause-and-effect diagrams and problem interrelationship diagrams to reach a consensus and detect issues within the process. While traditional project management is often confined to a single project location and prioritizes inputs and outputs, we have the capability to support distributed projects with contributors from diverse locations and cultures. Our project management systems facilitate the effective tracking of work processes and foster seamless communication and knowledge sharing among contributors. Efficient operations are vital to any business, and our project management strategies can be the key to your success. We excel at managing resources and processes to deliver high-quality goods and services that are essential to your company's profitability. Our unique consulting methodology improves project management operations and increases efficiency in all aspects of your business processes. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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Onsite Project Management

In the ever-changing phenomena of digitization, onsite project management enables businesses to take charge of its project from anywhere around the globe with a team of expert managers working onsite. When researching the various staffing options available to you, onsite management may come up but you may be unfamiliar with it. Onsite management is an excellent option for employers who recognize the need to hire a fully assembled team and bring on board project and staff managers who can be most effective at bringing them up to speed and keeping them on track. Here's a detailed analysis of how onsite management could benefit you.

Onsite Project Management

Key Features of Onsite Project Management

No matter what format you choose for handling your project management, there are three key features that lay a solid foundation for a successful project management execution.

1. Plan

A plan is the integral and the most dynamic part for every project in order for it to be successful. A precisely constructed plan builds a road for the project to be easily managed and for it to attain success. A project plan defines the what and how of the execution part. This responsibility is usually handled by the project manager. And one of the duties of a project manager is ensuring the updating process of plans. A project plan is expected to have its shifts and turns along the track, however, these shifts are more focused on improvement than sliding out of scope.

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to manage your projects? Look no further than The Thought Factory! We offer onsite project management services that enable you to take control of your projects from anywhere. With our expert managers, you can achieve maximum success in a shorter amount of time. See for yourself how our onsite management can help you - discover the difference today!

2. Agenda

The next feature involves having a well-written agenda in place prior to each meeting. The agenda is the significant portion of the project plan that comprises work tasks and issues that are needed to be addressed. Project managers are responsible for setting the time and place of the meeting and coordinating it with the team members so to ensure their optimum engagement and presence. The more consistently an onsite project manager coordinates with their team, the better their chances of showing up on time are. The managers are also responsible for systematically reviewing all agendas and project plans with their team regularly so that they have a good idea of how to prioritize and present the appropriate number of agenda items at the appropriate time.

3. Effective Communication

Creating a safe space for the teammates to express their concerns and ideas is an essential feature of effective onsite project management. Building a one-on-one relationship with colleagues outside the agenda meeting and discussing matters face-to-face or through telecommunication should be done at least once a week. The goal is to allow the individual team members a chance to speak freely and share suggestions and strategies for successfully completing their tasks without becoming entangled in the collective thinking of the entire project team..

Onsite Project Management

Process Flow

Depending upon the technicalities and nature of the project, the process flow might experience some shifts in its path. However, there is a certain dynamic by which the entire onsite project management takes place. Following are the steps through which onsite project management takes place.

Customer demand

The concerned person in charge will assist the customer in analyzing the demand put up by the customer.

Keeping records

Depending upon the history of the customer, the project manager will enlist the records based on any previous or new project.

Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward

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Attaching Documents

The project manager will initiate the project and attach the project documents.

Generating Tasks

Based on the nature and type of a project, the tasks will be categorized into further sub-tasks. These tasks might be customized for the individual project or taken from the master plan.

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to manage your projects? Look no further than The Thought Factory! We offer onsite project management services that enable you to take control of your projects from anywhere. With our expert managers, you can achieve maximum success in a shorter amount of time. See for yourself how our onsite management can help you - discover the difference today!

Tracking Progress

These tasks are divided among the team members categorically by the onsite project manager. And a tracking system will be developed to ensure on-time completion and a smooth process till task completion. Each employee will have access to update the task report on the following system based on the completion.

Micro Management

Each sub-task will unite to complete a task and each task will unite to complete a project. Therefore in order to successfully deliver a project on time, the onsite project manager will have to micro-manage each sub-task individually.

Attaching Documents

Post Project Billing Process

After the completion of each task and sub-task, the manager will be responsible for updating the client and getting the billing process done.