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5 Important Promotional Staff Training Tips:

Every Organization or Brand requires a dedicated promotional staff , for the marketing of its products and services. Your promotional staff is typically a mirror of your brand that reflects the concept and values of what you are offering. While making a team of your promotional staff, you must consider their personalities and interest before assigning them to a perfect event. The promotional staff of your company is commonly the first point of contact for any customer to your doors. As the saying goes; the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, it is important that your staff is well-trained, equipped and updated with the perfect knowledge to represent your organization. Hiring a team for the promotional staff is not the only hard part of the job, the crucial part is to ensure that they are connected with the products or services they are promoting and resonate with the message of your company. All this is done by the careful and professional training of the staff. Whether you are a well-experienced entrepreneur or new to the market, here are some of the essential promotional staff training tips that can help you achieve your goals in the long run:

Share Your Story:

If you are expecting your promotional staff to engage the audience, then it is important they feel connected to your first. The best way to ensure that connection is to shed your vulnerabilities and share your story. Every brand has a story; every company comes with a history. Make sure you are open to indulging your staff in your experiences and sharing your stories with them. Tell them about your start-up hurdles, and the twist and turns you went through throughout the road, and let them develop affinity and empathy with the brand itself.
Not only would they be able to connect with the brand more but they can also use this information to strike conversations and engage the audience better.

Be Transparent with Your Expectations:

The most important part of training the promotional staff is to make sure you are transparent with your expectations right from the staff. Only if you have been clear with your objectives would your team be able to meet those goals and perform well.
You don’t want to risk hiring a member who isn’t up to meeting your expectations that you were unclear of initially. Therefore, while you are training your promotional set down your expectations, be clear about what you want from them, what you are expecting them to bring to the table and how can they better their performance. Advise them on any targets that you have in mind, and narrate down the goals and values of the company all while keeping them motivated.

Don’t Complicate Things:

Remember that your promotional staff is only human and might also be representing a number of different brands each month, so don’t go overboard and complicate things. Rather make sure your training is concise, clear, and free of any ambiguity. While you are providing them with different means and approaches, you must make them digestible for them. If you can, it is always a better option to provide them with in-hand materials like cheat sheets that they can carry with them to events to recall anything they might be forgetting. One major thing you need to be vigilant about is to ensure that you are not asking the staff to memorize an entire script. It not only looks robotic but doesn’t really attract and impress the audience. Keep it simple, and just narrow down some super friendly and creative phrases they can use and let them do their magic.

Highlight Social Media Policies and Confidentiality Requirements:

While your promotional staff work hand-in-hand with social media, they should be aware of your social media policy. Every brand or company has its own policy regarding social media and different rules as to what they can and cannot share on social platforms. These are better communicated to your promotional team to reduce any kind of damage to your confidential information. During training, remember to highlight what the staff can talk about, what they can reveal about your customers, employees, and company in general, along with what they should convey about the event and the brand.

Make it Fun and Interesting with Positive Feedback:

The last thing you want is to make your promotional staff lethargic and bored with long training sessions. Promotional staff naturally perform well for the companies that they like, and that treat them well and the key to that is to make your training sessions fun, interesting, and attractive with positive feedback.
Be friendly and informal whilst maintaining professionalism and give supreme importance to the timings of your training session. Since they are working for a lot of brands make sure your timings are friendly so they to not be overburdened.
Lastly, a few words of encouragement and phrases of positive feedback goes a long way to determining your success.