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A Guide to Publicity Stunts

Not sure how to incorporate Publicity Stunts into your business? here is a guide to Publicity Stunts that will assist you along the way. So what is a Publicity Stunt meaning? A publicity Stunt or a PR stunt is any form of activity done to create attraction of the public towards a cause or a business. While these publicity stunts can be as simple as arranging parties, conferences, etc, it has its complexities and challenges too. Like every marketing strategy, publicity stunts have drawbacks if not executed correctly. To tackle these flaws we have constructed a guide to publicity stunts for you to follow.

A Guide to Publicity Stunts

Steps to Execute a Publicity Stunt.

Marketing strategies have the tendency to either make or break a brand’s reputation. If executed correctly can help generate millions' worth of revenue, if not, can potentially damage years' worth of the brand’s efforts and image. Although risky, Publicity stunts can still boost a business in just a matter of days. To get the desired results, here are a few simple steps you can follow to execute a publicity stunt elegantly.

1. Identify a Goal

Before making strategies on getting to the result, first clarify what the targeted result is. Identifying goals beforehand helps build a path that is easy to follow and measure concerning the outcomes. If the goal is to increase sales, it is necessary to be specific about the figure, or if the goal is simply to drive traffic to a website, it can also be quantified to predict the path and result.

Publicity stunts are an excellent way to grab attention and get people talking about your brand. Hiring a company like The Thought Factory to help execute your ideas flawlessly.

2. Identify your Audience

In an ocean of competitors, Publicity Stunts provides businesses with the edge that helps them to stand out. The key to creating an impactful publicity stunt is understanding your audience. Whether the message should be delivered sarcastically or seriously, setting the tone and direction by analyzing the audience's mindset and expectations is the best way to pull a successful publicity stunt.

3. Creating a right content Strategy

Publicity stunts can be effective if they are surrounded by the right content strategy. It starts with having a vision for the story you want to tell that extends beyond the planning of what content needs to be captured. Strategizing the content can double its impact if efficiently described in consumer perceivable way.

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4. Make sure it adds value to the brand

Planning a publicity stunt without strategizing the outcomes is a waste of both time and money. Determining whether or not a stunt will help attract business is crucial in a long run before investing tons for temporary results.

A Guide to Publicity Stunts

5. Focus on Improving Brand Image

The worst thing than not being talked about is being talked about negatively. Although driving sales in today's competitive industry is difficult, however, publicity stunts carry the power that increases brand awareness. The only downside is taking extreme precautions to not ruin a perfectly established brand image.

6. Tie it with a longer campaign

Publicity stunts like flash in the pan fade away as soon as it begins. To make a long-lasting impact focus to tie publicity stunts with campaigns. This helps the brand establish a prolonged message in the audience's mindset.

7. Time it out and Set the deadline

Depending upon the nature of the Publicity Stunt, the deadline and launch timings may vary. Analyzing when to start and how to end a stunt will leave a more lasting impact.

Publicity stunts are an excellent way to grab attention and get people talking about your brand. Hiring a company like The Thought Factory to help execute your ideas flawlessly.

Key Factors for Successful Publicity Stunt

The following factors can contribute to the success of a publicity stunt.

Involvement of Community

Participation of fewer people doesn’t necessarily mean the failure of a Publicity Stunt. However, more people involved create more profitable outcomes. The strength of numbers persuades other potential participants to join, raising the profile of the stunt. Aiming for an exact number of participants is more reasonable as for some stunts, even 2 to 3 are enough, while for others, anything less than a crowd could fail.

A Guide to Publicity Stunts

Being memorable and Bold

Pulling off a unique and innovative PR stunt that stays memorable for a longer time is more successful than a bland one. Even in the case of boldness, the more heightened your stunt will be, the better it will stand out, even in less audience, it will generate a lasting impact.