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Ins and Outs of Product Sample Marketing

Dating Back to the 1850s product sampling has been filling a gap between customers and brands by providing an experience that builds trust and sales. As the product sampling definition indicates, it is about letting the customers experience the feeling and be familiarize to the product free of cost before they fully commit to it. This form of product sampling marketing utilizes the product marketing psychology that is based on three key factors

Ins and Outs of Product Sample Marketing

Risk Aversion

This marketing strategy creates a win-win situation for brands and consumers where they can try and experience new things without being obligated to buy anything.


This marketing distribution strategy creates an impression in the customers' minds that they feel indebted and attached to the brand presence. This reciprocal relationship benefits both parties mutually.


This product marketing theorem generates a sentiment between the brand and audience for future reference that builds loyal customers that last a long time. Product Sample Marketing psychology might sound complicated, but if handled technically will generate incredible revenue for your business. For this, hiring specialized product samplings companies with experienced staff like The Thought Factory is a great way make such technical matters easier.

Here is how to utilize product sampling marketing

With the increasing concentration of brands and competition in every industry, there are very few steady marketing techniques left delivering promising returns. Product sampling marketing has been proven to be an extremely effective approach in generating new customers for brands by providing them the opportunity to experience new things that otherwise would be missed by many. For centuries it has been a solid marketing technique to generate new audiences for brands, however like any other technique it requires a few steps to follow for bountiful results. Here we have mentioned product sampling methods that you can employ in this process.

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5 Simple and Effective Sampling Marketing Strategies

1. Direct Strategy

This involves sampling that involves direct contact with customers. This marketing strategy makes your product more visible to customers. The three ways you can go about this are

  • Near-Store Distribution- Efficient and cost-effective way to sample and market products.
  • Experiential Marketing- Deliver the experience of your brands and products to users that they will never forget.
  • Street Corner Sampling- A great way to widen your potential customer range.
  • 2. Through Marketing Campaign.

    Running successful campaigns has the potential to bring a great deal of business. The three key participles you can use while implementing campaigns are

  • Plan your event- Construct a layout for the possible size, budget, and frequency of a campaign.
  • Target Niche-Based Customers- Look for customers' psychographics while searching for the targeted audience.
  • Focus on Demand- Analyze the gap in the market when planning to launch a product campaign and fill it with a marketing mix of strategies.
  • 3. Email Released Sampling

    Email-based sampling is the fastest way to reach your target market audience locally and globally. It creates a personalized connection between a brand and buyers and makes it easier for them to reach and engage with the updates and discounts happening

    4. Influencer Sampling

    Hashtags, Blogging, and website content creation to engage and attract new customers come under the roof of influencer-based sample marketing. This strategy uses leaders society to highlight a brand’s mission to local and international platforms.

    5. Monitoring the goals and budget for a proposal's execution

    Last but not least, use techniques that help you validate branch performance and examine the capital's organizational chart before conducting your product sampling. This goes in two ways;

  • Evaluating Performance to make profitable changes in campaigns
  • Build Campaigns by estimating the budget and working around it.
  • Ins and Outs of Product Sample Marketing

    Traditional vs Digital product market sampling methods

    There are various ways you can target and make people experience your sample. All these are characterized into 2 major sampling methods.

    Traditional Product Sampling

    This marketing method is often observed at supermarkets and brands outlets where brands target their relevant customers. Various sampling models go about with this model.

    Suggested By Professional

    Gift samples suggested by experts like doctors, technicians, beauty consultants, etc, come under this category.

    Complementary Gift

    This marketing technique includes presenting consumers with a sample of a new launch using a marketing hypothesis. If consumers are satisfied with the sample they become regular customers otherwise, they stay loyal to the line and brand.

    Gift Basket

    Many B2B companies and VIP guest hotels present gift baskets to make the experience memorable for customers so they would keep coming back

    Digital product sampling

    Digital product sample marketing is the natural evolution of traditional sample marketing. This form of marketing makes it convenient for both parties to connect and be updated by the latest updates and trends. It also makes it easier for brands to keep track of audience preferences.

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    Product sampling Companies in Dubai

    The Thought Factory

    Providing services in experiential marketing since 2001, TTF delivers a unique mix of services for brands including digital and experiential marketing and brand activation that helps your business get the kick start that it deserves.


    This company delivers an easy solution for brands to sample their products to consumers' doorstep. They help brands in marketing activation and filtering consumers based on various attributes.

    How companies can benefit from product sampling marketing

    Allowing customers to test or take a sample eliminates the risk of buying a thing that won’t work for them. This facilitates their decision power in investing in something new which in turn becomes the driving force for the brand to scale up its product sales. Other than just brand promotion, product sampling is also a great way to build brand identity and test feedback on new product launches. A great way to analyze customer acceptance is by locating it in areas near potential buyers