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Solutions for Corporate Branding Ailments

Consumers come across hundreds and thousands of brand ads throughout the day, but the real question is, do they remember all those brands? Of course not. If I ask you to think of all the clothing brands, I am sure you won’t be able to remember all of them. Why is that so? The human mind is attracted to bright-colored logos and creative content. If I were to ask you to describe Mcdonalds', the first thing that comes to mind is the bright golden M and its enticing slogan. According to a survey, most companies use bright colors like red, blue, yellow, and grayscale for branding purposes. Research shows that 90% of people are attracted to a product because of its color. Corporate branding plays a vital role in the publicity of the brand. We remember most brands because of their branding logos or bold slogans. Coming up with unique and creative content ain’t as easy as it seems, and only a keen observer and creative thinker can get the job done. Several companies provide their services and help brands stir successful corporate branding solutions. Among these companies, The Thought Factory (in Dubai) delivers solutions to help brands stand out. It provides expertise in brand activation and promotion and digital marketing. It has worked with brands like Coca-cola, Transmed, Al-ain, and MARS. So if you need to improve your visibility and brand identity, The Thought Factory is the solution.

Corporate Branding Strategies

Corporate branding doesn’t mean coming up with a catchy slogan and logo. It also defines a brand’s values, identity, products, and services. According to a survey, consistent branding can increase your sales by 33%, and brands with consistent branding are three to four times more successful than their rival brands. Globally companies use different tactics to implement effective corporate branding and increase brand visibility. Some of these tactics are as follows.

Product-based branding

Let’s take the example of milk. Everyone needs plain old milk, but how do we make it interesting for various age groups? The product is the same in product-based branding, but we make changes according to its appeal to the public. Chocolate milk is popular among children, and calcium-fortified milk among adults. So companies build strong identities around a single product or a product line and generate revenue from it.

Company based Branding

This branding technique focuses on the brand as a whole. An excellent example of this is Apple. Apple has various products such as phones, tablets, watches, laptops, etc. Wherever we see a shiny apple with a bite, we instantly know it’s Apple. This technique provides identity to the brand and promises people a good experience regardless of the product type they are buying.

Cause based Branding

In this technique, brands link themselves with social causes and hot issues. Today we come across various beauty products that claim to be cruelty-free and eco-friendly. People love these initiatives and love brands that promote these social issues. Another excellent example of cause-based branding is KFC’s hunger-related initiative. Every online purchase creates a virtual plate that helps KFC feeds a hungry child.


This strategy works when two brands join hands and sell the same motive. An example of it is Apple partnering up with Nike. They produced a watch. The theme of this project was to attract athletic people. The combined traits of both brands help them to attract customers from both brands.

Corporate branding solutions

Companies use various tactics to maintain their position in the market. Innovation and creativity are pivotal in keeping brands alive. The following pointers give an idea of how to maintain brand identity.

  • Logos and visual displays define a brand, and good logos are enough to stir a reaction in the consumer.
  • Taglines, slogans, and messages that deliver the brand’s values and objectives should be clear and concise. The customers might feel a personal attachment to these brands and feel loyal to them
  • Brand activations, promotions, and exhibitions ensure product visibility, and these events may also help brands end up with more loyal customers than before.
  • A brand is not just about its products. The people working for a brand are also representing the brand. Personnel’s proper training leaves a great impression on the shopper’s minds.
  • Experts oversee a brand’s reputation among customers and try to minimize negative feedback by regularly upgrading their services.

Benefits for Businesses

Corporate branding allows brands to stay in customers’ hearts for an extended period. It helps generate loyalty and trust between the brand and the consumer. A distinct and consistent identity also helps brands stay one step ahead.