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Sampling Activity.

Nurishh Sampling Activity

Brand activation and promotion campaigns are pivotal for a brand’s success and survival. Companies provide their expertise in merchandising to promote the brands and attract traffic toward it. Having a thoroughly planned activity is necessary to bring about fruitful results. Customer reviews drive brands to find new ways and increase the demand for their products. The Thought Factory is a UAE-based merchandising and marketing company of professionals that values hard work and strives to provide their clients with excellent marketing and merchandising campaigns. The Thought Factory was trusted to organize a brand awareness campaign for the products of the brand Nurishh.

So what is Nurishh?

Nurishh is a brand that manufactures vegan cheese. The Thought Factory was responsible for promoting their three cheese products (all plant-based origins): cheddar cheese slices, garlic and herb spread, and mozzarella slices. The promotion campaign continued for three days (3rd November-6th November 2022).

Sampling Activity Key Objectives

The sampling activity is where customers are welcome to taste the product before buying the whole package. The Thought Factory organized an in-store sampling activity for Nurishh. The main objectives of this activity are as follows.

  • To boost sales and create brand awareness.
  • To introduce the public to new yummy cheese flavors. Venue The Thought Factory used two stores, namely Spinneys and Waitrose & Partners. Widely distributed store locations ensure that the message reaches the maximum audience.
  • Spinneys Sampling Booth Sites The Thought Factory teams set up booths across all the stores of spinny to promote the products. Some of the store locations are as follows. Spinneys Umm Square, Spinneys Midriff, Spinneys Meadows, Spinneys Mercato, Spinneys Marina, Spinneys Meydan, and Spinneys Motorcity.
  • Waitrose Sampling Booth Sites Waitrose stores promoted Nurishh cheese samples across various locations in Dubai. Some of the store locations used in the campaign are as follows. Waitrose Motorcity, Waitrose Nakheel Mall, Waitrose Dubai Mall, Waitrose Marina Mall, and Waitrose Al Thania.

Overview of the Promotional Campaign

The Thought Factory helped Nurishh approach 8788 customers and sell 778 products in a short span of three days! The team members of promotional booths convinced 8553 people to try the new cheese samples and convinced 9% of people to buy Nurishh. They educated people from different genders and races about the benefits of the products, and 97.3% of the people agreed to try the sample. Mozzarella-style slices were the most popular, with a sales rate of 206 products, and cheddar-style followed mozzarella by 206 sales. Garlic and herb spread secured 151 customers in three days.

Consumers Reviews

Customer reviews help brands to improve their products. The sampling campaigns held by The Thought Factory helped Nurishh to have a better idea of customer demands. Customers said they loved cheddar cheese the most and supported the idea of vegan cheese. However, they preferred plain spread over the garlic, justifying that it was too sour and tasted like hummus.

Key Takeaways

This sampling activity organized by The Thought Factory gives a little peek into the company’s values. The professionals at The Thought Factory believe in collaboration and communication to drive a successful campaign. So, if you are a UAE-based company that needs activation and promotion, The Thought Factory is ready to help you unlock your full potential.

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